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Click & Collect

Click & Collect

Currently Click & Collect service available in Oman only, orders can take 1-5 business days to get ready. You will receive a “ready for pick-up” email once your order is available for pickup.

Click and collect is all about 7store customers making a purchase online and choosing to collect that purchase at a store location, rather than have it delivered to their home.

Opting for a click and collect system allows you to offer customers different options for collection fulfillment. differentiation yourself from other.

Click and collect is a hybrid e-commerce model in which customer purchase or select items online and pick them up in-store or at a centralized collection point. The hybrid model is designed to streamline the processes involved in making in-store purchases and payments.

To make this service more easy 7store provides two types of Click & Collect services:-

1. Customer placed the order with out any online payment then pay and collect the item at store address.
2. Customer already do the payment online and collect the item at store address.

For more information please contact this email id:

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