FYF™ Swiss Socks

$ 80.00

FYF™ Swiss Socks

The Swiss Barefoot Company is a sock manufacturer based in Switzerland. It manufacturer of FreeYourFeet as  FYF footwear is made from 46.5% Dyneema, the world’s strongest fabric.


  • Individual toe design, so each of your individual toes stays protected
  • Elastic seam that keeps the footwear tight on your feet
  • Made of 46.5% Dyneema material, described as “the world’s strongest fiber”
  • Grip dots to give you a “phenomenal grip”
  • Grip dots are widespread for full flexibility
  • Seamless sewing to maximize wearing comfort


$ 80.00

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FYF is designed to protect your feet no matter what you’re doing. In promotional images, people are seen wearing FYF on the beach, while slacklining, or running across gravel. In real life, the footwear is very popular among barefoot runners. its not just a socks its high-tech activewear designed to support an active lifestyle. The company markets the socks as more of a pair of shoes than a pair of socks. Sure, they look like socks, but they have all of the features you’d associate with a pair of shoes.


FYFs are already on the market and FYS’s have shipped tens of thousands.
#Free YourFeet with the world’s most reduced, high-tech footwear.

XS   US m 5-7        EU 36-39     US w 6-8
S     US m 7-8        EU 40-41     US w 8-10
M    US m 8-10      EU 42-43     US w 10-11
L     US m 10-11    EU 44-46     US w 11-12
XL   US m 11-14    EU 46-49     US w 12-14




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XS, S, M, L, XL


Low-Tide, high-Peak

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