Omani Superior Hojari Frankincense Luban Organic Resin Incense

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Omani Superior Hojari Frankincense Luban Organic Resin Incense

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Frankincense is the dried gum of the frankincense tree. Luban clearly comes the Arabic al-luban meaning ‘the milk’ which refers to the colour of the highest quality frankincense, which is milky tree sap which exudes from the cut bark of the frankincense tree and allowed to dry onto the tree before it is collected. By that time it is a hard resin. It comes in different shades which depend on the season in which it is gathered. It is whiter in autumn, and gets darker as the season changes to spring. It can be a pale lemon colour, or pale green and pale or dark amber. It is harvested two or three times a year and the best frankincense comes from young trees.

Frankincense is the very scent of Oman, deeply entrenched in the culture, burned as incense in homes and offices, added to perfumes, and used for medicinal purposes to ease everything from inflamed joints to congestion and anxiety.  People even chew frankincense to freshen their breath and strengthen their teeth

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Pure omani hojari lubaan hojary frankincense incense resin from dhofar region superior high quality hojary frankincense the resins are carefully sorted to ensure top quality and cleanest tears possible , color may vary depending on weather and harvesting time.


Frankincense is a great cleanser of negative energies so is great to occasionally carry the smoke around the house to cleanse all the rooms.

Uses of Frankincense:

Works as a sedative, for spiritual opening, stimulating thought
Heals wounds (essentially those of a ‘weeping’ nature), protects against infection and promotes healing
Skin diseases (eczema, ringworm, etc.)
Soothes cracked and chapped skin, fades scars and other spots
Used during and before meditation to align energy centers and encourage healing
Used in gum and mouth (ulcer) preparations
Stimulates uterine health and helps to normalize menstruation, relieves contractions or spasms (cramps, aches etc.)
Relieves gas and diarrhea, improves stomach health, treats pyorrhea
Strengthens and activates the immune system, prevents/helps microbial infection (fever, food poisoning, cough, cold, mumps, measles, chicken poxs etc.)
Strengthens the gums’ hold on teeth (contracts skin), firms the scalp’s grip on hair roots
Protects against coughs and colds (viral infections), provides relief from mucus and phlegm, eases congestion, breathing trouble, etc.
Works as a fungicide
Stimulates blood circulation, digestion and nerves, increases sweat to purify body  And more!

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125 gram, 1 KG


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